The conversion process is an extensive one, requiring some 320 man hours of labour and 40 hours of engineering.

As part of the physical conversion, the following parts are converted, modified or replaced such that a “mirror image” is produced, ie. the vehicle and its parts look and work like a production right-hand drive vehicle:

  • Headlamps modified or replaced
  • Instrument cluster replaced with metric
  • Steering gear converted with a new steering box or rack
  • Motor mounts adjusted symmetrically to allow for steering shaft
  • Fan shroud moved to suit motor position
  • Windscreen wipers modified
  • Replacement plenum cover
  • Heater box modified
  • Air-conditioning lines re-made or modified
  • Air-conditioning re-gassed with a high-performance environment friendly gas
  • Power steering lines replaced
  • Wiring looms extended
  • Mirror image fibreglass dashboard fitted
  • Pilar mouldings replaced to suit RHD dash
  • Break lines replaced
  • Exterior mirrors adjusted
  • Door switches swapped
  • Side indicators installed
  • Rear lamps modified
  • Column support, pedal box and dash bar fabricated for right-hand drive
  • Driver’s door switch circuit board modification for correct left/right order
  • Firewall modified
  • Park brake mechanism modified and moved, cables re-routed
  • Seats modified to allow seat memory and airbag sensors to work correctly
  • Gear shift cable re-routed
  • Right-hand floor extended to allow for brake pedal
  • New Australian compliant windscreen installed
  • Driver pedals modified and re-mounted including pedal height adjustment option
  • Post conversion wheel alignment
  • Australian compliant child restraint anchors fitted where required
  • Sun-visors modified
  • Reflectors installed
  • Mud flaps and flares installed where required
  • Immobilizer installed


As part of the engineering process, the following tasks are also performed:

  • Full ADR compliance evidence report
  • Completed vehicle report
  • Consumer information notice
  • Stationary and moving noise tests
  • Air-conditioning demister test

  • Electrical check
  • Light tests*
  • Seat back tests*
  • Seat belt tests*
  • Field of view test*

* refers to sample vehicles only