+Why is conversion necessary?
According to West-Australian law, all left-hand vehicles made on or after 1988 must be converted to right-hand drive.
+Why buy a converted American vehicle and not a local one?
American vehicles give you qualities not available in other vehicles, such as more power, greater towing capacity, higher payloads and luxury.
+How long does conversion take?
The physical conversion itself takes about 4 working weeks and the engineering takes approximately 1 week. As it also takes 6 to 8 weeks to ship a vehicle to Fremantle from the US, the time from purchase to delivery is about 4 months. Addittionally, the amount of time between you contacting us and vehicle delivery to you will also vary, depending on the availability of the required vehicle, our work load, and government red-tape.
+What kind of warranty do I receive?
There is a 12 months warranty on the conversion, parts and labour. There is no warranty on the vehicle itself, even if brand new  as vehicle manufacturers in the US do not provide for exported vehicles.
+Which kind of vehicles do you convert?
We convert mainly Chevrolet’s, GMC’s and Dodge Ram’s. We will also convert any personally imported vehicle (must have been owned and used by the customer overseas for at least 12 months).
+How much does a conversion cost?
The conversion itself costs around $35,000, depending on variables such as engine size, seating arrangements, type of vehicle, etc. The conversion page provides a list of all the parts of the vehicle requiring modification which will give you some idea of where the cost comes from. In addittion, costs such as shipping, import duty, stamp duty, wharf loading & unloading, customs charges, etc need to be considered. We provide a full breakdown of all costs when you purchase a vehicle from us so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
+How can a customer know the vehicle's legal status?
We check all our vehicles’ history before we buy them. This means that they are not previously stolen, write-offs, damaged, etc. 
+How safe is conversion? Is the centre regulated?
Conversion is essentially a safe process. Each vehicle must be checked by a qualified mechanical engineer prior to handing it over to the customer. The Department of Transportation also checks the vehicle. In addition, we are a Quality Assured company (ISO-9002) and are in compliance of CPA 32897.
+What are the government regulations and how do they apply to me?
According to government regulations, as stated in question 1., a vehicle must be converted to right-hand drive if it was made on or after 1988. This conversion process must be done by a Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW), which we are. The application for importation of the vehicle must be submitted by us, the RAW, before the vehicle leaves the US. It is also a requirement that the vehicle has not had any structural damage ie. has been in an accident, which we need to check both before it leaves the US, and upon arrival. When we install the compliance plate, the vehicle must be in original “stock” condition. Accessories therefore, such as lift kits, can be purchased and brought in with the vehicle and installed by a licenced workshop after compliance. If used, the vehicle must also have a new set of tyres which match the manufacturers’ tyre placard, a service including change of filters, brake pads, etc, and new catalytic converters if it has done over 80,000km.